Getting a job in the app development industry has been a popular feat in recent years. It is deemed as “cool” if you are an app developer. As app development is highly sought after in the startup and business world, it is definitely a good consideration if you are looking for a job in the tech world. There are a few areas that you can get a job in app development, and we also will be sharing slightly on how you can slowly learn app development and eventually get a job.

It is important to note that in order to get a job in the industry, you will have to not only possess the skill of app development but also be of at least commercial standard.

App Development Job In A Startup

You can be in a startup who needs app development for their mobile app startup. In this scenario, the founder of the startup might or might not be an app developer himself. Therefore, he delegates the app development to an employee or shares the workload. This is a good way to get income, as many startups are well funded, and might potentially get a share in the startup. That will be beneficial only if the startup is successful.

In a startup, you have to possess the technology that the startup’s technology stack is built on, For example, some startups use native app development, while some startups use hybrid app development. You should look for a startup that interests you and suits your technical app development expertise altogether. Moreover, in a startup, design is really important and thus it is highly recommended that you can build apps with great designs.

Another recommendation that we have is that you should not be thinking just from an app development standpoint. You should be thinking from all perspective; design, management, and even from a startup point of view. Generally, it is good to think from the founder’s perspective, suggesting technologies or designs from your app development perspective that might be good for your startup.

App Development In An App Development Agency

You can also be an app developer in an app development agency. This way, you work on a number of app development projects. This gives very good exposure to the app developer himself or herself, as there are many things to learn to improve app development. The interesting thing is that you can work with many app development projects and see many different sides of clients.

However, for this job, you have to be absolutely sure of what you are doing, as project managers will be drilling you to get the job done. You will also have to meet the timelines of the app development so that the app development agency will not get penalised. At times when project deadlines are nearing, you might be faced with highly stressful situations where there might be many bugs in the project although the submission date is nearing.

If you do not have the app development expertise, you can also be a project manager or a UI designer in an app development agency. For the project manager, their job requires little or no programming knowledge. However, the project manager is the one that the clients go after if there is a delay in the app development project. Therefore, it is better if the project manager has the best time management skills and motivation skills to speed the development up.

For UI designers, they will be designing the interface of the mobile apps that the agency will be building. UI designers are the main face of the portfolio as usually when clients view the portfolio of an agency, they will look at the designs of the mobile apps first before touching on the functionalities.

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App Development In A Company

The next way to get a job in the app development industry is to work in a company, that is not an app development agency, that has an in-house app development team. In this scenario, you will mostly work on the company’s digital products only. In other words, you will mostly be programming the company’s mobile apps or systems. Although slightly less interesting than the previous option, this job will teach you how to use app development extremely well.

In this scenario, you will have to provide your best expertise to create extreme value in the company. As most people in the company, if it is not an IT firm, will probably not have an app development background. Working in a company like this, the company is probably trying to move towards digitalisation and as an app developer, should advise accordingly. This is beneficial for both the company and you as well.

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App Development Freelancing

The last suggestion that we have for app development as a job is doing some freelance app development. For this, however, you have to be a full-stack developer, where you can build everything in a mobile app including designing, API, backend, server, database, etc. The advantage for this is that you control the amount of work that you want to take up, and the disadvantage is that you are limited to how much work you can handle. Freelance is the most common way to join the app development industry.

As an app development freelancer, there are many misconceptions that they are cheap and low quality. Therefore, you should try and brush up your skills and be able to develop high-quality apps. You can then build up your brand online by saying that you are a freelancer that provides high-quality work.

Another branch of freelancing is setting up a small app development team with a few local app developers and take on projects together. For a start, you probably would not need a project manager, but you would need backend, frontend, and even a designer. Although some of these roles can be overlapped, it is recommended that you work on only one job. That way, you can focus and improve on one job only. This is better than just being a full stack app developer by itself as they can delegate the work to other parties. This is a lean and smart way to go about going into the app development industry and it can be a really unique advantage. This is because you can keep costs low by operating by yourselves. The drawback is that the number of projects you can get is limited by the number of projects you can handle. However, for a start, it is a sufficient amount to kickstart a journey.


I hope that this article will let you know more about app development as a job. The key to getting a job in app development is to go out there and try. Try going for interviews or getting an intern position to get started. You can also ask for a trainee position where you can learn from more experience app developers. We wish you the best on your journey and hope that you can find an app development job to your liking!

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