App developers in Singapore have started to pick up different design skillsets. This is so as to complement their current expertise, and giving them a higher value in the market. However, it is tough to comprehend the significance of UX (User Experience) Design in the industry.

Today we will be sharing how UX designs affect app developers and also being a variable of a successful app.

What is UX Design in Mobile App Terms?

UX design is the designing of the experience of a mobile app to make it easier for a user to utilise. It is a rather complex process as compared to the UI (User Interface) design of a mobile app. UX design process includes researching the user demographics and building something that is crafted for them.

In order to build a proper UX, we must understand the behavioural patterns of each group of people. This is to make using the mobile app easier. For example, if you are building an app for factory workers, chances are that their hands would be occupied. Therefore, we have to take into consideration how easy it is to use it with one hand.

Another example of good UX is that if you are building for the younger generation, it is better to design more vibrant colours and interactive elements to motivate these younger users to use the app. On the flip side, while designing for the older generation, it is better to use larger fonts. These laws subconsciously affect the usage of the mobile app.

Why App Developers Should Learn UX Design?

App developers who pick up UX design are statistically being higher paid than app developers without. In addition, if you are building an app for your own startup or working for a startup, it is good as it might be a good user acquisition strategy. With good UX, comes better results and better user growth. That is the goal of most mobile apps.

Therefore, in shorter terms, if you are looking to build a mobile app that has great results, it is highly recommended to learn UX design.

Should you choose an App developer that knows UX?

Depending on your app development project, you can opt to invest in a UX trained app developer. In most cases, unless you are on a tight budget, it is always good to hire an app developer team with UX expertise.
For enterprise mobile apps, it is good that the usability of the mobile app is simple and seamless so that there will be a better ROI on the mobile app. For startups, with better UI and UX, users are more inclined to use the app repeatedly and will not shy away from it.

What does SleekDigital provide?

SleekDigital is a top app developer in Singapore specialising in enterprise and startup app development. SleekDigital covers everything from the planning phase to the designing, development and launching phase. We can also customise a plan for your budget, depending on the resources that you require. For example, if you are on a tight budget, we can be flexible and remove some aspects of your process.

In order to learn more about how UX design contributes to the ROI of a mobile app, speak to us and we are more than happy to share more!