The demand for mobile app development increased in the last decade. Hence it goes without saying that Clients need an APP CONSULTANT, from the beginning, programmers young and old have been building mobile apps that have been lucrative. As competition rises, the demand is now for app developers with high levels of expertise.

However, being an app developer now will not be enough to bring value to customers. Clients now need someone who can help them through their journey of the lifespan of the mobile app instead of just mobile app development. 

What Is An App Consultant?

An app consultant is a person who helps give their expert advice on mobile apps. App consultants are able to help you give strategies for mobile apps based on their experience.

These consultants generally have loads of experience when it comes to mobile apps. Depending on the niche of the mobile app consultant, some might be strong in mobile app marketing, well others might be strong in mobile app designs.

Gone are the days when all you need is an app developer to make your app successful. App consultants can consult you on different areas of your endeavour that an app developer is not able to. We will be talking about the areas where app consultants can help a mobile app succeed.

mobile app development consultant

Then… What Is An App Developer?

App Developers are the ones who do the heavy-lifting programming. A full-stack mobile app developer does many things that include database development, app UI/UX design, mobile app development, deployment into the servers, and post-development support such as bug fixes and app testing.

App developers are highly technical and are the ones that do the mobile app development work. Most mobile app developers do not have overall expertise such as app marketing or app strategies.

Why Should We Have a Mobile App Consultant?

An app consultant can help you avoid common mistakes that have occurred in most app projects. It is wise to learn from the mistakes of the more experienced people. 

For example, an app consultant might know that this marketing strategy will not work for a particular industry. The consultant might then be able to propose what has a better chance of working and why.

An app consultant does these jobs mainly:

  1. Mobile App Strategy
  2. Technology
  3. Marketing
  4. Mobile App UI/UX
  5. Post-Development Support
  6. Future Expansion
  7. Mobile App Forecasting

Mobile App Strategy

Strategy for mobile apps is the key to success. Mobile app consultants are able to provide professional mobile app strategies as they have vast experience on the topic.

App consultants will look at the goals that the prospect is trying to achieve. The consultant will then apply the recommended methodologies to do a few things. 

Firstly, it is to validate that the idea is viable in the market either by past experience or by some research.

Secondly, the app consultant can see if that is the best version of the idea. In other words, to check and ideate if the mobile app idea can be improved further.

Most mobile app consultants will use design thinking to help come up with good ideas. The more innovative the consultant is, the better the ideas, the better the mobile app will turn out.

Moreover, the mobile app strategies include which features to be launched in the first phase, second phase or subsequent phases. Launching the right features in the first phase can garner the right amount of traction for expansion.

Overall, it is to ensure that the mobile app is set on the right path so and to increase the chances of success.


Since mobile app consultants are very knowledgable about mobile apps, they can propose the right technology suitable for your business needs. Some startups will need mobile apps in hybrid app technologies, some in cross-platform technologies, and others in native codes.

An app consultant will be able to analyse and predict what is the best solution for you. It is dependant on the research that the consultant does beforehand to come to an answer.

Generally, for heavier and more enterprise usage, mobile apps in the cross-platform or native app frameworks will be the ones that do the trick. For startups looking to bootstrap or invest their capital in more important resources, hybrid or cross-platform is more suitable.

Also, depending on the functionalities that are required, the technology will vary as well.

In addition to the mobile app technology, mobile app consultants will be able to tell which backend technology stack we should use for the greatest scale. Everything under technologies will be covered by the consultant.


Mobile app marketing for mobile apps is a very important role in defining an app’s success. An app consultant should be able to present to you the data for the kind of app that you are looking to develop.

In other words, if you are building a B2C M-commerce mobile app, the mobile app consultant will be able to advise which are the best marketing strategies by historical data. They might be able to tell which are the most suitable strategies, or even some innovative mobile app marketing strategies that we can try out.

Mobile app consultants will understand deeply on mobile app marketing as compared to an all-rounder marketing agency. They will be able to advise on it accurately.

Mobile App UI/UX

Mobile app UI/UX refers to the aesthetics of the mobile app. The consultant will be able to tell what kinds of designs suit the business purpose of the mobile app.

They will also be able to tell you where to place certain elements of the app to allow the users to have the best experience. The consultants will also analyse the workflow of the mobile app to optimise the experience of the app. 

For example, how many screens should be used to let a user buy a product? The consultant is able to give you full tips and tricks to let your customer feel happier and more comfortable using the mobile app.

This is also called workflow optimisation for mobile apps, which is part of mobile app UX design.

Post-Development Support

There are variations of post-development support that are available in the market. The mobile app consultant will be able to advise which are the ones that you should use, depending on the scenario of the client.

Maintenance packages are usually signed yearly. Therefore, they will be able to suggest the best plans that best suit the budget and needs of the new mobile app.

More often than not, consultants do this by predicting and preparing for the traffic that is coming from the app. Also, depending on the mobile app strategy, the app will need different forms of app maintenance.

Some might need extensive maintenance that has many included jobs and tasks from security to bug fixes to software upgrades. Others might be simpler work.

Future Expansion

Having been through multiple cycles of mobile apps, expert app consultants will be able to tell you how to expand in the future. They will understand the future possibilities of the apps.

The goal is to keep innovating and constantly come up with new ideas to fit the market. Once you have found product-market fit, then you can start monetising and learning from the process.

Consultants are able to use the current trends of mobile apps and think of good mobile app ideas for the subsequent versions of the app. They will be able to come up with an expansion strategy that is in-line with your goals. 

Mobile App Forecasting

Mobile app consultants can use data to forecast the future of the app. The consultant will be able to tell things that have worked in the past, why it worked, and will it work again

This is unique to mobile app consultants as they know the processes of mobile apps. Digital consultants might be able to come up with this forecast as well. For these app consultants, they have the forecast and the tactics to achieve the forecast.

Roles of the app developer in an app consultancy

The role of an app developer in the app development firm is self-explanatory because there will be no app development firm in the first place without a solid app developer doing all the work for them.

Then for most people ask, where does an app consultancy come into play? For them, a consultancy is a firm which is one step before then an app development company.

A firm has all people working under in-house, which includes a mobile app developer as well as other technical people looking to provide services based on their client’s requirements.

Below are some of the roles and responsibilities of an app developer in an app consultancy.

Guidance to clients

First thing first, an app consultancy helps its clients in providing guidance or to classically labeled consult them about how to approach their businesses with a new mobile app idea.

Since a mobile app is 90% technical, its the role of a solid app developer to come up with complete picture every step of the way which increases in the understanding and rebound theory based on causes and effects for the mobile app idea to come into the shelves of app markets.

Technical expertise

When a client is looking to design an app, but don’t know how to go around technically speaking, then app consultant comes into play.

The technical part will be handled only by a programmer so it’s better to let the expert do all the heavy lifting that includes mobile app development.

This is where a mobile app developer will begin its working on the development part if a client needs this service from an app consultancy.

App maintenance services

An app after launch or even in its final stages might need more time on fixing some minor issues, or bugs on which the entire success depends on.

With these Adhoc moves, its the job of an app consultancy to provide solutions that related to app maintenance services or at least make sure that things run smoothly throughout the launch and initial years.

App development services

Development of the app is something only an app developer can manage, which can be found either in the realm of a mobile app development company or your good old app consultancy firm.

That’s right, the app consultancy, with its fancy name, can also manage to provide app development services for their customers, without any reservations

So… Should You Get An App Consultant?

Developing a successful mobile app should have a mobile app consultant. If you only engage an app developer, you will have to come up with the strategies for marketing yourselves. Unless you are a marketer by training, we suggest that an app consultant should be there to babysit your mobile app, at least for the first few years. 

You might be able to achieve the goals quicker as compared to doing the work yourselves.

However, app consultants do cost some money. It is good to allocate additional app development budget to hire an app consultant if you can. If you do not have the budget to do so, then it is suggested that you do proper due diligence before launching the mobile app.

Finishing Up

Many mobile app projects flop without enough resources. Mobile apps are the babies of startups and businesses. Entrepreneurs and managers put in time, effort and resources to try and make something work. It is a pity to see many mobile apps not reaching the potential that it can. 

What SleekDigital Does?

SleekDigital offers mobile app development in Singapore with mobile app consulting. All of our mobile app projects come with basic mobile app consulting. If you are interested in full-fledged consulting, then it is another cost. However, we feel that every mobile app should have a mobile app consultant as it is where you can benefit greatly. Investing in an app consultant will bring you an ease of mind when you launch the app into the market.