It’s an undeniable truth, about the mobile app industry and its continued dominance with a high probability of Return of Investment (ROI) feature existence.

Because of this reason, most people are interested to translate their idea into reality through either developing one or hiring an Android app developer for the job.

For people who are looking for a technically sound Android App Developer for their project, it’s important to understand that it’s a cost that comes under investment when hiring an Android app developer.

Let’s learn all the features about how much does an Mobile development Costs in 2020 and where can we find one?

The average cost of an Android app in Singapore

Learning about an estimated value of how much does an Mobile development cost in Singapore is greatly helpful for the customer.

Firstly, we can get what’s going to be a starting value of the developer and how’s that cost is justified based on examples of the app available in the market.

Secondly, one can also get motivated by learning about an Android app developer cost to excel in the field of app development as a career.

“Develop and Hope” Is Not a Mobile App Development Strategy


  • Basic app

An app with the most basic features cost around SGD$10,000. The cost of the app can get reduced based on the experience of the app developer, although understanding that each app is different than one another.

To categorize an app as basic, it takes no more than a month to develop with lower design requirements, with simple features that are directed towards solving one problem i.e. Flashlight app.

  • Medium app

A medium based app with over 4-5 months of working costs around SGD$45,000. These medium based apps involved every app which doesn’t take a year worth of development time or less than a month.

A good-looking app with moderate features comes under medium complexity app i.e. mobile app games, small size e-Commerce app, etc.

  • Complex app

Complete app average costs around SGD$55,000 and more. Based on the expertise of the Android app developer as well as design requirements for the app, the cost will add up.

Some of the complex apps include full-scale e-Commerce app, Ride-hailing app. Food delivery app etc. that require several hours of working, along with maintenance cost.

How to estimate Android app developer cost in 2020?

As we have explicitly mentioned before the cost of an Mobile development is a difference based on many factors, such as experience, app development time, etc, the cost is also different.

Because many factors are playing a part, designing beforehand about the price is not easy, which cause uncertainty and dried up interest for countless people.

Only if there’s an easier way to judge the estimated cost of the Mobile development in 2020, it would be beneficial for a potential customer in making assessing their budget even before contacting an app developer agency in Singapore.

To understand how t0 calculate the Android app development cost, it’s important to understand different methods selected by an Android App developer to choose from. Below we have listed down some of the categories provided.

  • Per hours

Most suitable for freelancer and Singular app developer to choose, because it will help how much hours do an App will take to build and also to charge per hours accordingly.

To be micro-detailed in costing, many people preferred a per hour basis. Subsequently, an Android App developer market themselves with competitive per hour rates, as found on various App development freelancing websites.

  • 2. Per Month

When customers need services but not sure how much per hour is going to cost to make an Android app, the best course for action should be to hire an Mobile development for a month.

Like any other business, per month seems to be a normal payment option which helps customers to check the ability and skills of an Android app developer, and based on that, they can extend the services of the developer accordingly.

  • Per Project

A mobile app is considered as a project, and it can be charged per project as well. Depending on how well you have managed to gather market rates and negotiate from an Android app developer about the complete project cost, the final result would be the discounted cost of the entire project.

One issue that arises halfway of the project, is an additional cost when requirement increases or more detailed are required for the app, subsequently, the app cost will increase at the end.

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Looking to build your app through a professional Android app developer in Singapore?

All about that have explained to provide some picture about Android App Developer cost in 2020 are all estimated. To get an accurate amount for the Android app developer, the best course of action is to contact a company that offers app development solutions in Singapore.

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