F&b or Food industry is a difficult one to cope up with. People are usually caught up with overwhelming orders fulfilment and stock keeping and they neglect the most basic fundamental of any business, making things easier through technology.

I mean, why we shouldn’t open up the F&B industry with more technology as it is making lives easier for a business that does. Businesses must always in the lookout for getting solutions to fast track their services, as the service-oriented business can only survive with a breakthrough system of quality service.

Here, we are going to talk about the top 8 mobile app feature that makes an F&B industry to get more points in the eyes of your customers.

1. Food on-demand, 24/7

No what does internet does in the first place, opens up with the world with no closing downtime? That being said, a mobile goes one step closer coupled with the internet to bring food on demand, whenever we need it, however, we need.

Customers should make an order with no more than a few button clicks, and then the job of a food business starts as to how effective they are. Technology can improve your order management exponentially because if you have more orders, your business will flourish even greater.

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2. Benefits of geo-location

Whether you are handing only deliveries or take-outs as well, people often found themselves carvings for something special along the way of their office, or between two places.

Geo-location will give you an edge through a mobile app to give customers all the information about how far is the restaurant is from their location, what is the approximate time for delivery, and where is the delivery boy at present, are few of the benefits of geo-location.

Since F&B is far greater than restaurant and order booking, people dealing with POS for F&B purpose can also look the stock or re-stocking by sending co-ordinates about their information directly to the supplier, without calling them all the time. I mean why not give technology a chance to automate things and we focus on something more important, like customer care and business growth.

3. User friendly 

A Mobile app is a form of art, which not helps our needs properly met in the department of F&B, but also ensures that the mobile app itself keeps us engaged through its outstanding UI and user-friendly design.

Quite simply, an app works as an extension of your business. If you properly take care of your app’s design and UI, you eventually taking care of your customers and ensuring that they find little trouble in navigating the mobile app for ordering their meal.

4. Dynamic payment methods

All through a mobile app, you can order your meal, and pay up for it, without calling anyone. That’s the need of our society these days. If someone realizes that we have to call directly to order food, few people ignore it completely and turn to their mobile apps instead of an online ordering system.

Having preferred payment options opens up venues for businesses to take part in devising positive strategies for their F&B industry to flourish. As people are concerned more in tracking their payment and schedules daily, keeping close chat in payment methods and their records keep things simple and clean.

5. Online reservations

Besides simply registering orders out for deliveries, we can also make online reservations, because of either special occasion or out with an impulse.

Making online reservations helps not just customers but businesses as well because offline marketing and keeping all of your resources engaged in setting up a counter fully engaged just for helping out customers for empty seats is no way a good strategy.

Online reservations save time and resources for business which can be used in other areas, such as producing food more effectively and increasing productivity exponentially.

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6. Discount offers

The mobile app can be used as a discount coupon tracker, and through it, customers can avail coupons on their orders. Long are the days when coupons and offers were availed by showing some form of paper or card.

Through your dedicated mobile app, the F&B industry, especially restaurants can reap great benefits in devising regular, weekly, special days or loyal coupons and discount offers for their customers to increase favourable reviews and sales.

7. Rewarding Customer

If you understand that a customer is regular in your restaurants. Don’t treat them like ordinary new ones, but often give them rewards in the form of special discounts or special thanks.

This can only be tracked through an app, as restaurant owners could use the information through their database for customers who often visit your restaurants or make orders frequently.

Simply rewarding them will let the customers know that a business cares and appreciates the patronage a customer is providing for their business.

8. Feedback and Rating mechanism

No restaurant is complete without a solid and frequent feedback system in place. And after the boost of the information age, these ratings and feedback work either on the benefit or against it.

Making sure a business’s entire focus is on quality services, and so the feedback will surely be positive. Let your mobile app do all the tracking and posting of ratings and feedback in an integrated manner.

Why mobile apps are the best solution for the Food industry

We want businesses to modernise since we are app developers our customers across the board. And its only natural to give the F&B industry special consideration because good service and quality support might need human intervention, but everything else should be left with the safe hands of technology. Give us a call, and we’ll fill you with more details about what else you can achieve from a solid mobile app development solutions.