The mobile app development by AWS offers a dedicated solution informing one’s app through off-the-shelf service offered by AWS.

Most of know AWS or Amazon Web Services which offer hosting solutions of one of a kind, along with security and load balancing features.

Although we would like to delve into some amazing features for mobile app development which benefit the developer as well as a client at the same time.

User Sign up/ Sign and Management

One thing which is considered the most important element is authentication. Similar to FireBase offered by Google, the authentication that includes sign-in and registration features are offered for mobile app development.

For people who want to make their app live quickly, using the Sign-up/Sign-in feature for mobile app development by AWS will make things in great haste.

Inside the AWS dashboard, you can see all the users that have registered into your app with its database and table storing data within the AWS server.

Social Login

Along with email login information, the mobile app offers a feature to sign in through social media platform since it’s quicker and hassle-free.

It’s considered an important feature that mobile app development provides to their users.

With big social media such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, one can sign in using their credentials as well as get information from social media through their apps, such as profile image and user name.

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No matter how big or small a mobile app is, there’s won’t be of usefulness to the client if there’s no analytics in place.

The analytics includes information about the user that uses the app, such as pages that most user visits, how many users are being online, and other dedicated information all within one place.

Through mobile app development by AWS, one can get the analytics within detailed information provided interactively.

Push Notification

No one can deny the fact that Push Notification is the main reason most people build a mobile app in the first place.

Through the Push Notification, people can make the mobile app usable and above all useful for people as well as businesses.

That’s why within mobile app development, the push notification option is also available with basic features such as broadcast notification to dedicated notification solution.

Real Device testing

Testing is paramount in any mobile app development stage, which AWS provides to its users.

Thanks to the real device testing all within an online manner, people can test their mobile app without the hectic process of connecting their mobile app.

This process saves time and energy which is then used in making the mobile app produced more quickly and effectively.

Cloud Storage

An app need is a storage solution that is hosted on the cloud because that’s where speed and efficiency can be ensured.

Through mobile app development by AWS, cloud storage is a given since AWS is all about effective storage solutions in the first place.

Benefits of using mobile app development by AWS

Learning about some of the best 6 features of mobile app development by AWS, its’ time to also grasp into the element of why in the first place we should delve into the AWS for mobile development?

For the same reason, we have listed down some of the obvious benefits which can be generated through using AWS as your mobile app development solution.

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Best runtime performance

Thanks to hybrid or cross-platform technology, AWS offers the best runtime performance.

It indicates that if a mobile app is being programmed to get performance factor to its paramount, the use of AWS can help the developer plenty.

Single Code for all platform

As you can expect from a hybrid programming language corresponded to mobile app development, the developer needs to write only a single code base for all platforms.

Thanks to web technology such as HTML5, CSS3 and JS bundled altogether during the installation process, the developer can write on this technology to create an app that runs on all platforms without much effort.

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This leads to a most important question, whether you should go with mobile app development by AWS.

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