The demand for a mobile app developer is increasing since many businesses are adopting technology into their domain. This leads people to consider getting mobile app developer certification to make their understanding of app development as per the industry standard.

For the same reason, we have created a comprehensive article that explains the top mobile app developer certification to get in 2021.

Associate Android Developer (Google)

With over 88% of the market share covered by the Android platform, it’s only natural that many mobile developers are gaining a valuable understanding of how to create core Android apps.

One of the biggest and most popular mobile app developer certifications to go for is the Associate Android Developer certificate.

Inside the certification, people will learn about the basics of designing, building, and debugging Android apps. Since the requirement of today’s time has converted towards performance-based apps, learning about UI and UX concepts from XML and Java code is also something you can expect from Associate Android Developer Certification.

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GIAC Mobile Device Security Analyst (GIAC)

With payment and Cryptocurrency integration within a mobile app system, all of this sensitive data need protection. For that, there’s just the right mobile app developer certification known as GIAC Mobile Device Security Analysts.

After learning about some basics security concepts, a certified person could understand various methods to test mobile phone security, different attack methods adopted by hackers, and how to configure encryption for secure mobile functionality.

The GIAC certified individual can also perform a thorough analysis of any mobile app which is imperative for eCommerce and banking mobile applications.

MCSD: App Builder (Microsoft)

MCSD is a widely known mobile app developer certification offered by Microsoft. It’s no secret that Microsoft offers the most effective certificates for aspiring Web and Developers.

Talking about what one can expect from enrolling in MCSD App Builder from Microsoft, they will help to provide developing concepts in working on various software development tools such as Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Learning about core programming language concepts in C#, SharePoint, and software like Software Client is also to be expected to learn within MCSD: App Builder mobile app developer certification.

MTA Developer (Microsoft)

There’s a requirement to grasp your hands on a mobile app developer certification which is aimed at a more young audience. For that Microsoft Technology, Associate Developer Certificate is the right answer.

This Certificate is aimed for high school or graduates who are looking to step into the technology sector or for people looking to change their fields towards IT.

This certificate is also helpful if one is looking to learn more advanced Certifications at a later stage such as MCSD App Builder from Microsoft.

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Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

How to distinguish between a good and not-so-good mobile app developer certification, it’s driven by the Job market and what’s in demand. One of such is Salesforce.

Most of us have either heard the name of Salesforce, its a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software along with other solutions for enterprise such as sales, service, productivity, and analytics including IoT.

That being said, with the high amount of app development work on the market, Salesforce has entered into the mix of app solutions through Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder certification.

The developer who has grasps all the information from this Certificate can create, build and deploy mobile apps along with other more advance feature such as business logic, user interface, and analytics

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