Fitness and healthy lifestyle have gained increased popularity in a recent decade due to the health-related risk awareness from the lifestyle through office work and obesity. People these days consider exercise and a healthy diet an essence of getting a spirited, beautiful and happy living.  Through the combination of online awareness programs and webinars, people have been encouraged greatly to participate in sports, exercise, controlling calories intake, and bodybuilding.

Technology has played an unconventional role to provide assistance to the people involved in physical activity, using mobile apps and wearable technology. As of today, there are over thousands of apps being deployed into app store which covers almost every aspect of department related to fitness, and there absolutely no stopping to it to increase the numbers even further. According to statista report, which states that apps for fitness, sports, and dieting will become more popular in the coming days due to the integration of technology and its impact on our daily lives.

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The need for a fitness app

Technology is a name of change, which gradually advances and provides solutions to the world. Same can be said everything else including fitness apps. So, the reason we are seeing such advancement in the app development for fitness related service is technological progress. Before, when Android first came into being, Google announced a service on 2008 by the name of Google Health. The experts labeled as the next big thing for the future, but by 2011, Google has to leave behind this idea due to its unpopularity. Back then, fitness was not as trendy as it was today, but it all changed when 2014 came. So what happened during this time? One word: Wearables. Wearables were the technology which revolutionized the idea of fitness integrated with the lives of people and gain a tremendous popularity in today’s times.

According to the statistics report from US electronic revenue department, by 2019, wearables market will cover over $8.8 billion worth of wearable devices all over the world, which will continue to rise at a 20% increase threshold.

Now for businesses that are looking to invest in developing a fitness app, there is another statistics report to back this claim. According to Statista, the fitness app will show a great increase in sales and public acceptance by 2021. So now is the perfect time to develop a fitness app for your people if you haven’t already made it. Before jumping into main features which must be integrated into your fitness mobile app, here are some general categorizations of fitness apps which need to be explained in details.

Categorization of fitness app

Specifically, there are 4 types of fitness app in the market. The only difference between all these types is the process of a user interacts with the app and how its data is being evaluated. Below are 4 categorizations of fitness app:

– Exercise and workout app

– Diet and nutrition app

– Physical Tracking app

– Meditation and Yoga app

It is possible for a business to integrate all these 3 types molded into a single product, but these are a generalization of all the apps related to healthy living and fitness. To understand what type contains which information gathering, we will understand each of these types in details.

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Exercise and workout app

The design behind exercise and workout apps consists of various types of exercises and their level of difficulty associated. The user has the power to select the workout methods and degree of intensity over their exercise schedule.

Besides their scheduling, the user should be properly guided about any particular exercise and how to perform it. Just like a gym trainer, your mobile app can be used to teach you the correct way of exercise which is essential to provide the desired effect to your physique and refrain from the possibility of a trauma. Through the series of 3D models, videos or just details script about an exercise, the user can learn a great deal about exercise and their desired effect.

Besides these exercise apps, there is a workout app, which is somewhat different in data handling. These workout apps that involve heavily on real-time stats such as heartbeat, activity frequency and other related information using the help of a sports band or some sort of wearable device. These devices send the information directly to the smartphones which clearly show all information in the presentable form to the user.

Some popular exercise and workout apps in the market are iWOD fitness, Fitness Builder plus and 6 Week Training.

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Diet and Nutrition apps

Nutrition app also resides in the department of fitness-related apps. This type of product assists users to manage a healthy and balanced diet through providing information about the meal, keeping a check on calories intake, water balancing for the body and provide additional health services like BMI check etc. These apps also help the user to track their lifestyle, if they are trying to leave some sort of addiction, i.e. smoking, and calculate daily coffee intake to control their nicotine level. The body fat mass is also tracked according to the diet consumed and time passed in the process.

The biggest advantages of these apps are the ability to set up goals and targets for their dieting plan. These targets are then tracked by the app to keep the user informed about its progress. For the special items which their dieting plan has provided the user, can also be used as a grocery shopping list and inventory stock reminder that app will confirm if any item is soon to finish. Healthy food recipes and tips are also shown in these apps to provide a 360 view for their dieting and nutrition needs.

The most popular application is the market for diet and nutrition are MyPlate Calorie Tracker, Calorie Counter, and Food Diary and HealthyOut.

Physical Tracking app

These types of activity tracking app are the best choice for people who need to keep a check for their number of steps through a day. People that are interested in sports or exercise can also greatly benefit from this app. The essence of this app is depended around geolocation, through which app can provide details of how much distance a user has covered and the calories burned in the process.

Some of this app also provides a feature known as sleep quality estimator which helps the user to form a good hours count for their average sleeping period. Integrated with a smart alarm clock through this tracking app, the user can easily get up by the alarm sound, when they are in REM phase of the sleep, thus making them more fresh and well-rested.

Many of these physical tracking apps come with wearables support, but the without it, your smartphone can provide you ample among of tracking information based on geolocation and other embedded features.

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Meditation and Yoga app

Yoga and meditation provide great benefits to the body, such as makes your body to undergo training for better flexibility and boost your immune system. Also yoga and make you calmer in composure and increase the confidence in you mentally.

Yoga apps have the ability to become your personal trainer. It can show you training videos and poses about any particular yoga stance. Also through these apps, the user can create their personal programs and schedule themselves accordingly. These yoga apps come with music integration, which can be used during a yoga session to create an environment of serenity and focus. The program and scheduling can be managed through the use of the calendar and proper synchronization from the cloud.

Some of the best Yoga apps on the market are Simply Yoga, Yoga Poses, Universal Bathing, and Asana Rebel

Features used for fitness apps

There are some basic features which are at the utmost necessity for any fitness app for all of the categories explained above. Then there are features specific for each category exclusively, and the list goes on. It’s important to learn and understand the features which are necessary for every fitness app to make it up to the standard among its competitors.

Before learning about the features, let’s look into some statistics. According to the statista, the main reason people install a fitness app into their smartphone is mostly for Awareness of health-related issues, Goal tracking, Motivation and learning effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. So it’s important to understand the need of people and provide suitable benefits to the users. Our features will revolve around the statistics and how will it bring relive into people lives. Below are some top features used in fitness and health-related apps.

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User Registration

The first and foremost feature of any competitive app is the ability to register a user. Although it’s a common practice for apps to have this feature, there is a complete science behind its wisdom. The most important thing through having a unique user creation is the ability to store your data into the cloud; we will get to that later. Details involved in user registration is a simple form that asks for user email id, password, name, and phone number. The login in could just prompt the user to enter email id and password to login in into the app.

User Profile

Unlike a standard social media, user profile holds great importance for a fitness mobile app. Beside inputting profile image and regular details such as age, place of birth and address, the fitness app may ask for other details such as height, weight, blood type, genetic diseases, diabetes or not, number of allergies etc. These details will be stored inside the app and to the cloud, thus opening a new horizon for data handling and providing an amazing user experience through algorithmic wonders.

Social media Integration 

Social media is the single most used platform in the world of internet, which constantly exerts a huge amount of data from around the world. The fitness app is a generally accepted product which has a huge prospect of follow-ups and receptions. This is true if you want to share your speed run tracking record into the Facebook, or simply want to recommend the app to one of your friends, there is also a huge concern of user disclosure such as not publishing their personal information into the app. For those people, the use of Social media signing verification bypasses the conventional form of signup which requires email id and password. The purpose of this format is to make the app highly personalized for a wide array of users and get the most out of your fitness app.

Interconnection with Wearables   

The advent of Wearable has paved its way into the potential market and mobile apps are not shying away from exploring the capabilities to its fullest. Through wearables, a fitness app can receive data and perform more accurate calculations based on this data, since the real purpose of these apps is to have a more updated and true data process for the users. The mobile devices can display with more detail-oriented all the data fetched from the wearable device which can only add up wow element into the app’s performance.

Track history of your physical and diet plan

The fitness app has the tendency to show user activity in the form of readable information, for instance, how much a user has traveled by walking, running, cycling etc. How many calories has the body burns and possible weight loss achieved? Using the current data, the app can also provide a forecast of how much time does it take to reach a specific goal, based on your current performance.

Same can be proved for dieting segment of the app. The necessary calories intake and food consumption can provide how much a body gained in calories and nutrients. All of these data gatherings is holistic in nature and it works in tandem with the entire mobile app to reap the greatest benefits from this service.

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The location-based app has been in the loop for quite some time with great success. Many apps have accomplished what Geolocation has managed to offer, through constant position tracking and other advantages. For fitness apps, the feature of Geolocation can come into use indefinitely. The main point of interest obtained by Geo-location for a fitness app is to track the user path of travel and how much distance has it achieved. Also, through continuous tracking of routes, fitness app can provide the best route for their users to choose from for their exercise routine.

Push Notification

Fitness and personal trainer apps main roles are to keep you motivated in achieving your targets. One way to accomplish this goal is to integrated push notification into the app which helps to provide all the information regarding user exercise schedule, provide your next meal and also show some motivational excerpts to help you boost your self-determination. Also, these push notification provide you with information about any new feature when realized by the app publishers, so its a must have featured all the way.

Online shopping for equipment and beverages

The user may need an exercising mat or dumbbells for weight-ups, or an energy drink to fill up the electrolytes into the body. A user would really be benefited with a small section of the app caters e-commerce section which provides fitness related items to the user. This feature will not only provide you advantages in terms of gaining user acceptance but you can earn some money providing these services.

Payment options

Many fitness apps free of cost, but there are few premium sections across the app that charge additional money from the user. If you are providing healthy provisions or exercising equipment, the use of payment option is necessary. You can integrate different methods for your users to proceed with their payments, such as direct bank payment, e-wallets or through credit cards.

The chatting system with instructors

Your fitness app can come with a chatting system exclusively with a physical instructor. Through these sessions with your virtual instructor, the user can ask questions and can engage with a healthy discussion, thus assisting the fitness activity even further. Besides chatting with the instructor, this feature can also come in handy for submitting any query to the support team, or simply create a group room and chat among other app users.

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Addition of Music 

Music and exercise have a long and strong connection between the two and it’s only vital to combine force among with each other. During your exercise session, music can add a real sense of user experience and effective session execution. For yoga practice through your fitness app, soft and serene music can add up the missing element of freshness and delicacy into play.


There is a great market to be covered if you are looking to promote your next fitness app idea. But there are at least two big challenges when developing a good fitness app. one is to market your app with additional features profile and another one is to develop a next to perfect user experience and seamless app. But that the more reason for people to explore this domain and get what the user needs more, the best fitness app in the market.

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