If you need an app done, you have to resort to a professional mobile app developer for the job. But the first question which comes on most people’s mind is how to find the total app developer cost based on your app requirement?

For the very cause, we have listed down 5 main factors that depend on your total app developer cost and ultimately assist you in learning about the required investment necessary over your app development work.

Cost of external and internal resources

Before anything else, the first element that involves over your app development value is the cost of resources needed. If your app has some elements that need more resources, your app cost will rise.

One example of this factor to apply variable costing of the work is when your mobile app is heavy on the design element. The designer will be needed to provide you mockups and screen designs.

Eventually, an app corresponds to more resources based on its difficulty level as well as quality. To support our claim, another supporting resource that is needed for good app development is a backend API developer. He will be responsible is producing APIs if an app is featured on web communication.

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Selected App platform

There is two biggest app platform in which mobile apps are circulating, Android, and iOS. To calculate the total app developer cost, it can be based on the number of platforms to cover for the app.

For native mobile apps, it’s important to hire 2 developers to work on both platforms separately. The benefit of having a mobile app on each platform is to get more users and subsequently more business.

Usually, most large apps are available on both platforms, hence its surely a major factor that decides on the total app development value for your project.

Hybrid or Native development

As we have mentioned above, the app developer cost increases when we go with both platforms. But there’s also technology to consider. Either going with a hybrid or native development framework will depend on the total app developer cost as well.

Speaking about the need of having this platform in the first place, the biggest factor depends on the targeted platforms. Through hybrid development, we can get an app for both platforms but requires only one set of development.

As for native development, the cost will surely increase as two developers will be accompanied on the job.

Number of API development

As we have declared earlier, there the need for internal resources based on the requirement of the mobile app. Depending on the total app developer cost, it’s also evident that number of API development for communication with the server and central database is needed.

As the number of API increases, so it more the complexity of the app, and eventually the app developer cost will subsequently increase.

Third-party integration and their packages

It’s common for all app developers to rely on third-party integration to intensify the quality of the mobile app. But most of these third-party integrations are either required by yearly subscription or one-time cost.

Either way, depending on the nature of app development, the number of third-party integration as well as their subsequent costs will eventually affect the total app developer cost for your project.

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Some additional factors for app developer cost

Besides these above factors, some secondary elements need to be observed to help our readers understand the total app developer cost.

Based on these elements, the customer can maintain their budget accordingly or can make the minimum allocation of these resources depending on the budget.

  • Animations

A mobile app is known for its design, as well as the user interface. The experience that an app tries to accumulate might need more colors and life into the app to make it work.

The animation is some of the heavy-duty element which requires the true ability of mobile app developer to incorporate these into the app without disrupting the performance of the app.

  • Translation

Talking about the extra app developer cost, there’s always the requirement of localization, depending on the app being download on different regions. Simply incorporating this feature will add up more app developer costs for your total budget.

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There are other factors that we haven’t mentioned in detail about total app developer cost, although one thing is clear that for developing an app with a high probability of Return of Investment, you need to rely on a professional app development company.

If that’s the case, simply contact Sleek Digital and we’ll make sure that you are set with the best option for your very own professional mobile app.