In the recent years of business and tech, we as a Singapore App Development Agency cum Digital Consultancy are constantly looking for ways to improve how businesses operate. Us as app developers Singapore, we are always on the lookout for new technologies that different businesses can adopt. In this article we will share some ideas of how different mobile apps can benefit your business. Benefiting means different things for different corporations. The fundamental improvements that can be done with a mobile app that we are discussing in this post consist of the following:

  1. Increased profits
  2. Increased competitive advantage
  3. Getting more done faster with less.

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Mobile apps can help to increase profits

The goal of every corporation fundamentally is to improve their profits year over year. To increase profits, we have to increase the revenue received or reduce the costs that are incurred. We will be explaining how a mobile app can help to achieve both of them. A mobile app will help digitalise a company in a way that they will be able to reach markets that they didn’t know were accessible without the help of technology. This will help by penetrating the mobile segment of the market. Having an e-commerce to promote your products is one strategy, but the trend in recent years is going mobile. Even for service industries, having a mobile app will help you facilitate your company better. Being able to reach markets that you haven’t been able to reach without the help of mobile app expertise is a huge advantage. The more traditional the industry is, the better the results of the mobile app implementation.

It can also help to reduce costs in a business. The current costs can be reduced by integrating a mobile app into the business. As app development will streamline the processes and cut out many things that weren’t needed in a business before, costs can be cut. Here is an example: Call centres to handle orders can be removed and replaced with a mobile app ordering system. This is a huge advantage not just on the cost side, but also increasing the number of orders the company can handle at a time. This will help to increase scalability in a business to help the business grow to newer heights.

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Mobile Apps can help improve competitive advantage

By implementing a mobile app or alike systems, your company is standing out from the rest as companies are only just starting to implement systems like this. If you go further and innovate further with the help of our digital consultants, we can even help you offer new product lines with systems like IoT mobile apps. Even without the use of IoT, an enterprise mobile app itself will be able to allow your company to offer better services to your customers. This will push your customer satisfaction levels through the roof. With better customer satisfaction comes better referrals and eventually an unbreakable competitive advantage for your consumers. One example from a popular industry: Insurance. Insurance companies can implement mobile apps for their clients to provide better information and educate them better about each plan that they offer, their costs, the benefits, and why their clients should purchase them.

Since adoption for app development in enterprises is still slowly growing, the early adopters will have the opportunity to wow their customers with the latest tech that they are implementing. Having this competitive mobile app advantage over more traditional ways will open new business opportunities for corporations. Going digital always gives businesses a new way to improve customer service by giving them better data and interaction with customers through a mobile app. All these are part of digital transformation, and SleekDigital offers a whole digital consultancy that provides companies with a roadmap to implement digital strategies like different kinds of mobile apps, webapps, websites, or even different systems that are instrumental to the company’s growth.

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Mobile Apps can improve business processes

This point helps to increase a company’s productivity which also links back to increasing the profits of a company. By integrating more seamless business processes, they get to removes some costly ways of the traditional business and replacing it with an enterprise mobile app. Another reason why a mobile app will be able to help increase profits is because the resources being used in the traditional way can be replaced with something more productive which would be able to rake in higher outputs in replacement.

Here are some examples how a mobile app can help improve your productivity. First example is applied in the construction industry. Construction project managers will be able to track their progress of the buildings with an enterprise mobile app with Project Tracking functionalities. These tracking removes the traditional ways of printing physical reports. It also eliminates slightly modern technology like through apps like WhatsApp as those might not be the best for this purpose. In the report, we can even add more detailed information of the progress like start date, who is in charge, when is the deadline, is the timeline on schedule, etc.

Another example is applied in factories. Factories can be able to track their assemblies or their jobs accordingly with a factory management app. Factories can be hard to manage without the use of technology as productivity cannot be tracked accurately. Factory apps can use technologies like QR Code to track their progress. While tracking the progress, it brings about a few advantages.

  • Staff will have a goal to hit
  • Managers can track the overall process of the factory and who is lacking behind
  • Managers will know with data analytics where to improve the speed of the factory

These advantages can evolve into further digital transformation of the business and factory process in the future as it brings about valuable data that managers can use to iterate on the factory process.

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Wrapping up

Having a mobile app in a business will not only bring you better profits, faster processes, and even give you a competitive advantage over your business, but you also get to constantly bring your company to greater heights with the information provided by these mobile apps. A mobile app in a business is just the step one to improving your overall business and trying to keep up with the latest technological trends. SleekDigital and many other companies even offers a whole digital transformation process to help businesses plan out the roadmap for future development of the business.

Using mobile apps is only one set of technologies that will help businesses move forward, but since smartphone usage rates are at a all time high, what better time will it be to start adopting this amazing trend than today? Contact our digital consultants and app developer Singapore today, let us arrange coffee and we can discuss how we can help you transform your business digitally (PSST… It is a free digital consultation).