There’s no Android app development in Singapore without the assistance of tools at our disposal. Hence without any second thoughts, it’s quite vital to go ahead and select the best tools which greatly assist us during Android app development in Singapore.

We have listed down the top 10 best tools for Android App development in Singapore for our readers which helps in developing Android mobile apps most effectively and professionally.

Android Studio

Whenever the name Android comes into our mind, the first tools which fit like a glove into the Android domain are none other than Android Studios.

It’s quite difficult to anticipate an Android app developerwithout the assistance of Android Studio as the selected tools for our aid.

For Android’s official tool, Android Studio seems to be the perfect fit since it caries all the much-needed SDKs for Android app development which comes as a package during its download.

Talking about all the benefits for Android Studio, the most leading benefit which makes Android Studio as the best tool for Android app development is it’s free of charge tool for people use.


Abbreviated as Android Debug Bridge, which is a separate tool used for simulation purposes. During developing an Android app, the testing can be quicker if there’s a simulation in place. Through the help of ADB, the simulation becomes more lucid and active without much configuration needed.

Numerous tools run Android app in a simulator environment, such as Android Studio build in tool that happens to run simulations during the development phase.

One of the best thing about ADB is that the bridge helps hot refresh, meaning we can see changes on the go during the simulation is working over our devices.

Besides the simulation, ADB also used to run Android apps in actual devices through USB port connection. Further debugging the runtime error or logical error, with live debug breakpoints, ADB will happen to assist in debugging greatly.

AVD Manager

Android app development in Singapore cannot be completed without using the simulator to test the mobile app in the first place.

AVD Manager helps control the simulation of Android development since its abbreviated as Android Virtual Device.

The AVD is equipped with the Android Studio which runs on the processor’s RAM at great speed. Because of such flexible Android tools as our disposal, the Android app development in Singapore is way more popular than its secondary competition.

Benefits of using free app development software



Eclipse was made solely to run Java programs and development environment supported by Oracle based languages.

Although with its integrated marketplace, Eclipse is now suited to execute every type of programming language with its support.

The same can be said for Android App development in Singapore, and since Eclipse also supports Java programming language, which is used for the core development of Android programs, Eclipse seems to be the next best thing for Android app development in Singapore besides Android Studio.

Visual Studio with Xamarian

Since Android app development is farther reached than ever before, many hybrid app development tools came into existence which greatly appreciates Android app development with complete support.

One such tool is Visual Studio with usually runs .Net language, but coupled with Xamarian as a hybrid app development tool, that greatly helps in Android app development as well.

Unity 3D

Being a cross-platform development environment that was subsequently made to run graphics-based development, Unity 3D has far more benefits for app developers of all lengths and sizes.

Worked as a gaming engine as well as a hybrid mobile app tool, it works quite well for Android app development as well.


Genymotion is considered one of the best tools for simulation, which works for both Android as well as iOS.

For every screen size available within its package, it’s a must-have for every Android app development in Singapore and companies engaged in app development work.


No mobile app is complete with a solid build tool, which helps in running a mobile app in executable form.

Gradle works as a built tool for both Android Studio as well as Eclipse as long as Android app development in Singapore is concerned.

IntelliJ IDEA

Besides a powerhouse IDE tool which eclipse has to offer, IntelliJ IDEA also works as a java programming tool as it starts, but thanks to add-ons and extension, it can also be used to developed native Android app development in Singapore.

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Source Tree

For Code version control, the SourceTree provides great Git GUI tools that help to do all the basic and advance git features without any trouble. A tool worth having for Android app development in Singapore.

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