Learning about best apps in Google store for Singapore help people understand the current trend in a region.

For business point of view, its crucial to design only those apps whose users are in numbers, because when creating and investing an app which is outdated or whose trend is not much followed, the business model will go down to waste.

For the same reason, we have listed the top apps available in Google Store for Singapore and is rated among the top once out of million of other apps.

Pokemon Unite

Downloads: 10M

Pricing: Free with in-app purchases

Category: Gaming

Pokemon is a name every kid to millennial is aware of. With monster engaged in massive battles is what makes this game unique.

The best thing about Pokemon United is that it is multiplayer that support 5 vs 5 strategy game plan.

With trainers all over the world to join with you, you are required to get experience score from winning battles with you teammates by defeating Pokemon, while help evolve your own Pokemon.

Phone Cleaner Free

Download: 5M

Pricing: Free with in-app purchases

Category: Performance Tool

Every smartphone needs a cleaning app which helps to remove junk, and other temp files to free up space.

The thing about phone Cleaner Free and why its one of the top rated Google store for Singapore app, its because it offer various feature along with cleaning junk files. Some of the features include: Mobile booster, App lock, Notification cleaner, CPU cooler, App manager, clean large files, Whatsapp clean, Game boaster, Duplicate photos cleaner and batter saver.

The best thing about this app is its free of cost, so you can avail all the feature without investing, while the app monetize through in-app advertisement.

Zoom Cloud Messaging

Download: 500M

Pricing: Free with in-app purchases

Category: Business, communication

After the pandemic hit us, we are bound to stay at home and work. Cell phones, and Instant message apps are not enough especially if we are looking for conference call.

That’s where Zoom comes. It’s a household name especially after 2019 pandemic hit. Through this app, we can held meetings and conference while using build-in camera and engage on effective communication.

Some of the effective features offered by Zoom Cloud Messaging includes: video messages, collaboration on the go, unlimited messages including images, make, receive and manage phone calls.

It’s a all purpose conference app which has really become famous in Singapore and all over the world.

Garena Free Fire Max

Download: 50M

Pricing: Free including in-app purchases

Category: Gaming

Battle Royal games are becoming the next normal in multiplayer where over 100 players are playing against each other in a single massive ground.

Garena Free Fire Max is a free to play battle royal which offer HD resolution, fast gameplay and above all exemplary gameplay experience.

There’s only one objective in Garena Free Fire Max, to survive and become last man standing. Some of the features offer by Free Fire Max are fast paced gameplay, better experience, 4-man squad along with in-voice chat, Firelink technology along with free account creation.


Download: 100M

Pricing: Free including in-app purchases

Category: Gaming

Roblox is a highly popular social game in which you can create and share your experience within the virtual universe.

It’s a massively open adventure game where you can engage on various activity with your friends as well as become what ever you want to be.

Some of the exciting feature Roblox includes are explore, become anyone, chatting with friends, and play with million of people at a single time in virtual world.


Download: 100M

Pricing: Free

Category: Video Player and Editor

Who would be unfamiliar with the highly popular short video editor called Tiktok. It has been a singular entity for many creators to enable their creativity with the help of short videos.

With various effects and tools, people can edit and record their video to the world. It offer easy to use navigation controls so that people are fully entertained without any distraction.


Download: 500M

Pricing: Free

Category: Communication

The time now is to produce communication apps because people are using it even more after the post-pandemic era.

This can be further understood that many apps are listed among top rated especially in Google store for Singapore region.

Telegram is also one of such messaging app which is secured, in-synced, fast and above all 100% free to use.


Download: 10,000

Pricing: Free

Category: Productivity

Workpal is a productivity app which helps people to become better in work. Features offer by Workpal includes fulfilling meeting scheduling, better self service transactions, improved procurement experience along with other helpful checklist to look for.

HealthHub SG

Download: 1M

Pricing: Free

Category: Health & Fitness

Particularly this app is regarded for Google store for Singapore, as people can keep in control of their appointment, bill payment and communication for public healthcare institutions across Singapore.


Download: 1M

Pricing: Free

Category: Productivity

Singpass is an app offered by Government so that citizen can easily view information offered by government sources.

Some of features offered Singpass includes, secure transaction, digital scanning, inbox, verification, and offer feedback.

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